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Explore a collection of research publications by Debora Sobreira and collaborators, showcasing their latest groundbreaking work and tracing back to their earliest contributions as a graduate student.


Glunk, V.*, Laber, S.*, Sinnott-Armstrong, N.*, Sobreira, D.R.*, Strobel, S.M.*, Nemati, B., Ebert, H., Ott, B., Garborcauskas, G., Honecker, J., Stirling, D., Deodato, G., Laumen, H., Abdenur, N., Calabuig, V., Ocvirk, S., Pfluger, P., Cimini, .B, Carpenter, A., Dankel, S.N., Pritchard, J., Lindgren, C.M., Hauner, H., Nobrega, M.A. and Claussnitzer, M. “A non-coding variant linked to metabolic obesity with normal weight affects actin remodeling in subcutaneous adipocytes," Nature Metabolism, 5; 861–879 (2023). *equal contribution / alphabetic order.

Chung, J., Das, A., Sun, X., Sobreira, D.R., Leung, Y.Y,, Iguarta, C., Mozaffari, S., Chou, Y.F., Thiagalingam, S., Mez, J., Zhang, Z., Jun, G.R., Kunkle, B., Martin, E.R., Pericak-Vance, A.M., Mayeux, R., Haines, J.L., Schellenberg, G., Nobrega, M.A., Lunetta, K.L., Pinto, J.M., Wang, L.S., Ober, C., and Farrer, L.A. “Genome-wide association and multi-omics studies identify MGMT as a novel risk gene for Alzheimer disease among women,” Alzheimers Dement., Jun 30;10.1002/alz.12719 (2022).

Hansen, G.T.*, Sobreira, D.R.*, Joslin, A.C., Haddad, G.A., Strobel, S.M., Laber, S., Li, Y.I., Claussnitzer, M., Battaglino, R.A. and Nobrega, M.A. “Genetics of sexually dimorphic adipose distribution in humans”, Nature Genetics, 5:461-470 (2023). *equal contribution.

Gray, A.O., Yoo, J., Sobreira, D.R., Jousma J., Witonsky, D., Sakabe N.J., Ying-Jie, P., Prabhakar, N.R., Fang, Y., Nobréga, M.A. and Di Rienzo, A. “A pleiotropic hypoxia-sensitive EPAS1 enhancer is disrupted by adaptive alleles in Tibetans,” Sci Adv., Nov 25;8(47):eade1942 (2022).

Joslin, A.C.*+ Sobreira, D.R.*+, Hansen, G.T., Sakabe, N.J., Aneas, I., Montefiori, L.E., Farris, K.M., Jing, G., Lehman, D., Ober, C., He, X. and Nobrega MA+. “A functional genomics pipeline identifies pleiotropy and cross-tissue effects within obesity-associated GWAS loci,” Nat. Commun., 6;12(1):5253 (2021). *equal contribution. +corresponding author.

Aneas, I., Decker, D., Howard, C., Sobreira, D.R., Sakabe, N.J., Blaine, K., Stein, M., Hrusch, C., Montefiori, L.E., Tena, J.J., Magnaye, K., Clay, S., Gern, J., Jackson, D., Altman, M., Naurekas, E., Hogarth, D., White, S., Gómez-Skarmeta, J.L., Schoettler, N., Ober, C., Sperling, A., and Nobrega MA+. “Asthma-associated genetic variants induce IL33 differential expression through a novel regulatory region,” Nat. Commun., 21;12(1):6115 (2021).

Sobreira, D.R.+, Joslin, A.C., Zhang, Q., Williamson, I., Hansen, G.T., Farris, K.M., Sakabe, N.J., Sinnott-Armstrong, N., Bozek, G., Jensen-Cody, S.O., Flippo, K.H., Ober, C., Bickmore, W.A,, Potthoff, M., Chen, M., Claussnitzer, M., Aneas, I. and Nóbrega, M.A+. “Extensive pleiotropism and allelic heterogeneity mediate metabolic effects of IRX3 and IRX5,” Science, 4;372(6546):1085-1091 (2021) +corresponding author.

Sobreira, D.R.+ and Nóbrega, M,A. “Regulatory landscapes of Nppa and Nppb,” Cir. Res., 8;128(1):130-132 (2021). +corresponding author.

Sakabe, N.J., Aneas, I., Knoblauch, N., Sobreira, D.R., Clark, N., Paz, C., Horth, C., Ziffra, R., Kaur, H., Liu, X., Anderson, R., Morrison, J., Cheung, V.C., Grotegut, C., Reddy, T.E., Jacobsson, B., Hallman, M., Teramo, K., Murtha, A., Kessler, J., Grobman, W., Zhang, G., Muglia, L.J., Rana, S., Lynch, V.J., Crawford, G.E., Ober, C., He, X. and Nóbrega, M.A. “Transcriptome and regulatory maps of decidua-derived stromal cells inform gene discovery in preterm birth,” Sci. Adv., 2;6(49):eabc8696 (2020).

Helling, B.A., Sobreira, D.R., Hansen, G.T., Sakabe, N.J., Luo, K., Billstrand, C., Laxman, B., Nicolae, R.I., Nicolae, D.L., Bochkov, Y.A., Gern, J.E., Nobrega, M.A., White, S.R. and Ober, C. “Altered transcriptional and chromatin responses to rhinovirus in bronchial epithelial cells from adults with asthma,” Commun. Biol., 13;3(1):678 (2020).

El Khattabi, L., Zhao, H., Kalchschmidt, J., Young, N., Jung, S., Van Blerkom, P., Kieffer-Kwon, P., Kieffer-Kwon, K.R., Park, S., Wang, X., Krebs, J., Tripathi, S., Sakabe, N., Sobreira, D.R., Huang, S.C., Rao, S.S.P., Pruett, N., Chauss, D., Sadler, E., Lopez, A., Nóbrega, M.A., Aiden, E.L., Asturias, F.J., and Casellas, R. “A pliable mediator acts as a functional rather than an architectural bridge between promoters and enhancers,” Cell, 22;178(5):1145-1158.e20 (2019).

Montefiori, L.E., Sobreira, D.R., Sakabe, N.J., Aneas, I., Joslin, A.C., Hansen, G.T., Bozek, G., Moskowitz, I.P., McNally, M.E. and Nobrega, M.A. “A promoter interaction map for cardiovascular disease genetics,” eLife, 10;7:e35788 (2018).

Boogerd, C.J., Xiaoming, Z., Aneas, I., Sakabe, N.J., Zhang, L., Sobreira, D.R., Montefiori, L.E., Bogomolovas, J., Joslin, A.C., Zhou, B., Chen, J., Nobrega, M.A. and Evans, S.M. “Tbx20 is required in mid-gestation cardiomyocytes and plays a central role in atrial development,” Cir. Res., 3;123(4):428-442 (2018).

Nicodemus-Johnson, J., Myers, R.A., Sakabe, N.J., Sobreira, D.R., Hogarth, D.K., Naureckas, E.T., Sperling, A.I., Solway, J., White, S.R., Nobrega, M.A., Nicolae, D.L., Gilad, Y. and Ober, C. “DNA methylation in lung cells is associated with asthma endotypes and genetic risk,” JCI Insight. 8;1(20):e90151 (2016).

Berti, F., Nogueira, J.M., Wöhrle, S., Sobreira, D.R., Hawrot, K. and Dietrich, S. “Time course and side-by-side analysis of mesodermal, pre-myogenic, myogenic and differentiated cell markers in the chicken model for skeletal muscle formation,” J. Anat., 227(3):361-82 (2015).

Smemo, S., Tena, J.J., Kim, K.H., Gamazon, E.R., Sakabe, N.J., Gómez-Marín, C., Anea, I., Credidio, F.l., Sobreira, D.R., Wasserman, N.F., Lee, J.H., Puviindran, V., Tam, D., Shen, M., Son, J.E., Vakili, N.A., Sung, H.K., Naranjo, S., Acemel, R.D., Manzanares, M., Nagy, A., Cox, N.J., Hui, C.C., Gomez-Skarmeta, J.L. and Nóbrega, M.A. “Obesity-associated variants within FTO form long-range functional connections with IRX3,” Nature 20, p.371-375 (2014).

Lours-Calet, C., Alvares, L.E., El-Hanfy, A.S., Gandesha, S., Walters, E.H., Sobreira, D.R., Wotton, K.R., Jorge, E.C., Lawson, J.A., Kelsey, L.A., Tada, M., Sharpe, C., Kardon, G. and Dietrich. S. “Evolutionarily conserved morphogenetic movements at the vertebrate head-trunk interface coordinate the transport and assembly of hypopharyngeal structures,” Dev. Bio., 15;390(2):231-46 (2014).

Schubert, F.R.*, Sobreira, D.R.*, Janousek, R., Alvares, L.E. and Dietrich, S., “Dact genes are chordate specific regulators at the intersection of Wnt and Tgf-beta signaling pathways,” BMC Evo. Bio., 6;14:157 (2014). *equal contribution

Sensiate, L.A.*, Sobreira, D.R.*, Da Veiga, F.C., Peterlini, D.J., Pedrosa, A.V., Rirsch, T, Joazeiro, P.P., Schubert, F.R., Collares-Buzato, C.B., Xavier-Neto, J., Dietrich, S. and Alvares LE. “Dact gene expression profiles suggest a role for this gene family in integrating Wnt and TGF-beta signaling pathways during chicken limb development,” Dev. Dyn., 243(3):428-39 (2013). *equal contribution

Consonni, S.R., Werneck, C.C., Sobreira, D.R., Kühne, F., Moraes, S.G., Alvares, L.E. and Joazeiro, P.P. “Elastic fiber assembly in the adult mouse pubic symphysis during pregnancy and postpartum,” Biol. Reprod., 17;86(5):151, 1-10 (2012).

Alvares, L.E., Winterbottom, F.L., Jorge, E.C., Sobreira, D.R., Xavier-Neto, J., Schubert, F.R. and Dietrich, S. “Chicken dapper genes are versatile markers for mesodermal tissues, embryonic muscle stem cells, neural crest cells, and neurogenic placodes,” Dev. Dyn., 1166-1178 (2009).

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