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The Sobreira Lab is deeply committed to cultivating a safe and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity in science. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a lab culture that values and appreciates individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Our utmost priority is to ensure that every member of our lab feels supported, empowered, and free to express their authentic selves. 


Our dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion stems not only from a sense of basic human decency but also from our understanding that these principles are essential for generating knowledge that can genuinely transform the world for the better. We firmly believe that the pursuit of the best science and the well-being of scientists go hand in hand when individuals are encouraged to bring their whole selves into the lab.


As scientists, academics, and explorers of the human genome, we acknowledge the privileges and responsibilities that accompany our roles. Therefore, the Sobreira Lab remains resolute in our commitment to advancing justice and equity within the systems we operate in. We firmly uphold the principles of collaborative support, honesty, and making a positive societal impact as fundamental expectations for all members of our lab.


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Annually, our lab engages in a collaborative process to update a dynamic document that outlines our collective expectations and aspirations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


We understand that meaningful and lasting change begins at the local level and requires dedicated effort over time. By revisiting and reaffirming these goals each year, we remain responsive to evolving data and emerging issues, leveraging the strengths of our team in the process.


We strive to foster a culture of inclusivity in every aspect of our lab, including our website. Our website adheres to inclusive practices, ensuring that it is accessible and welcoming to all individuals.


By embracing a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and actively integrating these values into our lab's operations, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive scientific community and advance positive change. We recognize that this journey requires ongoing education, reflection, and engagement. 


Together, we can create a supportive environment where every individual's unique perspectives and contributions are valued and celebrated.

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I attribute my current position to the unwavering dedication of mentors and teachers who recognized my potential even when others didn't. This profound realization has shaped my commitment to mentoring, which I consider both a privilege and a responsibility of paramount importance. Understanding the pivotal role that mentoring plays in scientific success, my aim is for mentees to emerge from Sobreira lab as scientists equipped with confidence, increased independence, and a profound sense of personal accomplishment.

I recognize that effective mentoring is not a given, but rather a skill set that must be cultivated. It encompasses providing comprehensive support to mentees in technical training, scientific communication, and professional development. I am dedicated to continuously honing my own mentoring abilities, understanding that mentor development is vital to creating an inclusive and accessible environment that fosters the success of mentees.

My goal is to empower and facilitate their individual career development, supporting them in whichever direction they aspire to go. Together, we will explore and seize opportunities for growth, fostering an environment where their unique talents and ambitions can flourish.


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We take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of each team member! Whether it's receiving poster awards, having papers accepted, passing qualifying exams, successfully defending theses, delivering invited talks, or being awarded grants – these milestones in a scientific career deserve recognition and celebration. 

Additionally, we also make sure to celebrate birthdays as a way of fostering a positive and supportive environment.


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