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We're looking for people to join our team!

If you're into human complex diseases, biological mechanisms by which genetic variants influence phenotypes, or analyzing complex data, hit us up!

Aside from doing some really cool science, we're a tight-knit crew that's all about supporting each other and making science more diverse and inclusive.

We want everyone to feel welcome and valued, no matter who they are or where they come from.


The Sobreira Lab is currently seeking enthusiastic postdoctoral researchers who possess a strong passion for investigating the complexities of disease and a keen interest in unraveling the functional implications of genetic risk loci associated with metabolic diseases and complex traits using their Variants-to-Function (V2F) approach. The lab offers a stimulating and collaborative environment, supported by cutting-edge technologies and abundant resources, providing a dynamic platform for groundbreaking research in the field of human genetics. By joining the Sobreira Lab, postdocs will have the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects, advance scientific knowledge, and make significant strides towards improving our understanding of complex diseases.

Graduate Students

The Sobreira Lab is currently accepting rotation students from various graduate programs, including the Department of Genetics & Genomics, Gene Regulation, Epigenomics & Transcriptomics, Cell & Developmental Biology, and other Bioscience programs. 
Students who join the lab will have the exciting opportunity to engage in hands-on research using stem cells, explore the field of epigenetics, and analyze large-scale datasets. 

Undergrad Students

The Sobreira Lab welcomes eager undergraduates to explore genetics, genomics, and epigenetics. You'll gain hands-on experience in analyzing large datasets—a vital skill. Your journey into scientific discovery begins here, where curiosity knows no bounds.

Apply for a position!

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